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Dr. Johannes and his wife donated 2 wonderful new Mac laptops to Home of Hope Kenya to help with our Medical department and Pregnancy Care and Counseling Program. We say thanks you to them for their valued donation.  In an effort to ensure our staff have every work advantage necessary to excel as productive members of the organization and  most importantly, serving the society at large, we keep appealing to well wishers in hopes that they will join us in our cause by donating laptops.

Microsoft founder, Bill Gates, is quoted as saying:If you give people tools, and they use their natural ability and their curiosity, they will develop things in ways that will surprise you very much beyond what you might have expected.

Unfortunately, in these dire economic times, our ability to get the tools necessary to help our staff perform beyond expectations is imperiled. That is why we’re asking for your help in donating your still in good condition used laptops or new ones.

You may donate to or send to:

3757 Hwy 2A Red Deer County, AB T4 E Canada. Email: Phone: +14033436570 ext 6 

Sweden contact:   Or Phone +46733962511


Kenya email address: 

Dan- 0725241668  Diana- 0724884656  George- 0725213288


Esther, a five-year old girl is one among many kids rescued by Home of Hope Kenya. Her parents passed away. Not knowing where to go or who to turn to, a good Samaritan luckily  took her in. After some time the guardian who took the responsibility of Esther could not afford poor Esther’s basic needs. The only option she had  was to surrender the child to the children’s office.

Home of hope agreed to take custody of the girl to keep her happy and jovial which includes proper diet, clothing, schooling, medication and supplements. For more information Log on to




Natalie and Nicole abandoned in hospital

The gorgeous twins Natalie and Nicole were born in a nearby hospital to a commercial sex worker. Their mom who was unable to pay the escalating bill abandoned the babies in the hospital because she couldn’t afford to feed two more mouths. The government children’s office called to have them taken care of in the Dream Centre at the age of two months.

The two stunning baby girls are now eight months old, healthy and energetic. The children are taken care of 24 hours a day, needing so much formula milk, use diapers and supplements. To learn more about our work log on to


Reuben was to be thrown into the dump
Reuben was born in Korogocho slum to a poor mom who was a second wife, with no food, source of income and husband heartlessly deserting them. They lived in a small shackled house where, Reuben’s mom could lock him up to six hours to look for employment or food. Most of the time she came back empty-handed. Frustration and starvation kept knocking on their door.

Instead of starring at her innocent son to death the mother opted to throw Reuben away at five months old. On her way to the dump, she saw a Home of Hope’s sign post ”DON’T THROW AWAY YOUR BABY, WE CAN HELP” she called the number and delivered  Reuben to the Dream Centre.

Cute Reuben is now ten months old. Deep down your heart I know you are moved, I plead with all of you who can sponsor this adorable kid. Log on to To help save and sponsor a child. To care for a rescued baby it cost us USD.140 a month, The children are taken care of 24 hours a day, need so much formula milk, use diapers and supplements. You can also co-sponsor with any amount. Log on to