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I want to take this time to sincerely thank everyone for the donation to the Dream Centre van. As you know we started this campaign to raise money to repair the van, pay for 1 year comprehensive insurance, get all government licenses and your contribution has helped us get one step closer to our goal.

Thanks again for your generosity and support


img_2854As I sat here this morning reminiscing about the generous donations to Home of Hope Kenya, I can’t tell you how much I appreciate your support for our life saving work with Kenya’s most vulnerable children.

We now are ready to install Solar water heaters during December month as required by government and this will go a long way to reduce the bill of electrical power and to make the life of these rescued children better.

Thank you sponsors, you have made a real difference for the lives of kids we serve, it means the world to us.

Daniel Bushebi
Home of Hope Kenya


family unit David, Moses, Esther, Anita, Peter and Rehab  are so excited to be a family, live together as siblings with their foster care parents Samuel and Beatrice. Your generous donation has enabled us create this family.

This December, they will be moving into their new home. Your willingness to help such displaced, abandoned, thrown away children in Nairobi weather the crisis in their lives makes all the difference in  children like David, Moses, Esther, Ann, Peter and Rehab.

Thank you to our wonderful sponsors, for all you do for our kids, you are a part of their lives.

Home of Hope Kenya’s Mission is to Rescue babies thrown away in the dumps, abandoned in the streets, slums or hospitals, bring them to the Dream Centre, a care facility and place them into caring and loving families.


IMG-20171123-WA0002[1]Peter , Yvonne, James, George, Sarah and Immanuel have grown together as a family for the last three years and they love being together and with their foster care mother Racheal, her son, Trevor and husband, Ben. Home of Hope rescued these kids from the dump, some of them days old and placed them at the Dream Centre for some time. They were put together to live as a family under the care of Racheal, a dedicated and caring mom.

The goal of Home of Hope Kenya is to rescue abandoned babies, raise them up and place them into caring and loving families. Racheal’s Home of Hope family have an urgent need of paying monthly rent. USD363 dollars is needed every month to keep these kids together. Will you please support this family.

You may contact


3757 Hwy 2A Red Deer County, AB T4 E Canada. Email: Phone: +14033436570 ext 6 

Sweden contact:   Or Phone +46733962511


Kenya email address: 

Dan- 0725241668  Diana- 0724884656  George- 0725213288