Twins Abandoned at Police Station 

2 years’ old twins Jessica and Esther abandoned at Police station

Jessica and Esther are twins who are fortunate to be HIV – unlike their mom who is reportedly diseased with AIDS. Her health condition caused her to be stigmatized and chased away from her home in Uganda.  She moved to the bordering country Kenya, where she had no place to stay, no employment to get or relatives to rely on. Sickly with AIDS, she literally abandoned the little angels at the police station when she could not handle them anymore. Home of Hope was called to provide shelter and care. Little Jessica and her twin Esther now live at the Dream Centre. They need your support to keep them growing and well nourished. you can log on to to give a helping hand and rescue a child.

For more information or inquiries: phone +254 725 241 668 or +1 403 343 6570 ext 6 or email 

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