Reuben was to be thrown into the dump
Reuben was born in Korogocho slum to a poor mom who was a second wife, with no food, source of income and husband heartlessly deserting them. They lived in a small shackled house where, Reuben’s mom could lock him up to six hours to look for employment or food. Most of the time she came back empty-handed. Frustration and starvation kept knocking on their door.

Instead of starring at her innocent son to death the mother opted to throw Reuben away at five months old. On her way to the dump, she saw a Home of Hope’s sign post ”DON’T THROW AWAY YOUR BABY, WE CAN HELP” she called the number and delivered  Reuben to the Dream Centre.

Cute Reuben is now ten months old. Deep down your heart I know you are moved, I plead with all of you who can sponsor this adorable kid. Log on to To help save and sponsor a child. To care for a rescued baby it cost us USD.140 a month, The children are taken care of 24 hours a day, need so much formula milk, use diapers and supplements. You can also co-sponsor with any amount. Log on to 

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