Joshua was two years old when he was abandoned helplessly in a church member's arms. We thank God that today his life has changed greatly. Joshua was paralysed with cerebral palsy  but now with the help of our able sponsors and loving caregivers he is showing  remarkable improvement. Joshua has been undergoing physiotherapy treatment as... Continue Reading →

Twins Abandoned at Police Station 

Jessica and Esther are twins who are fortunate to be HIV - unlike their mom who is reportedly diseased with AIDS. Her health condition caused her to be stigmatized and chased away from her home in Uganda.  She moved to the bordering country Kenya, where she had no place to stay, no employment to get... Continue Reading →

Solar Water Heaters For Baby Centre

The government has ordered all Nairobi residential houses and institution to install solar water heaters to reduce the consumption of electricity. Dream Centre is appealing to all welwishers and supporters for donation to meet the government requirements urgently. The cost for installing two solar heaters required comprising of all the plumbing works and the painting... Continue Reading →


We have witnessed from our first unit how it's a great idea to raise our home of hope rescued babies in a family unit set up. In a family unit, they are cared for by both parents, the children feel the father motherly love, and also not institutionalized, . They are raised and taught the... Continue Reading →

Would You Sponsor Esther?

Esther is joining the staff of Home Of Hope(HOH) Kenya to help with administration of our finance while Elizabeth is away on maternity leave.  Esther is a young talented upcoming I.T specialist. She has diploma in computer studies with special studies in book-keeping. She will be helping us upgrading our financial system to be cashless... Continue Reading →


Esther, a five-year old girl is one among many kids rescued by Home of Hope Kenya. Her parents passed away. Not knowing where to go or who to turn to, a good Samaritan luckily  took her in. After some time the guardian who took the responsibility of Esther could not afford poor Esther's basic needs.... Continue Reading →


The gorgeous twins Natalie and Nicole were born in a nearby hospital to a commercial sex worker. Their mom who was unable to pay the escalating bill abandoned the babies in the hospital because she couldn't afford to feed two more mouths. The government children's office called to have them taken care of in the... Continue Reading →


Reuben was born in Korogocho slum to a poor mom who was a second wife, with no food, source of income and husband heartlessly deserting them. They lived in a small shackled house where, Reuben's mom could lock him up to six hours to look for employment or food. Most of the time she came... Continue Reading →

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