Vivian and Valarie are two beautiful twin charming girls who are regarded by their parents as a bad omen due the belief in their clan that twins are are bad luck.

Their father fled leaving them in the care of their mother who is single handedly bringing them up.

Vivian would like to be a doctor whereas Valarie opts to pursue nursing.

The career of these two of becoming a doctor and nurse respectively is increasing the hunger for education but their mum who washes clothes for other people to be paid cannot afford to take them to school and provide other necessary basic needs.

The harsh life in the slum around their helpless mother is a worrying trend. At times they have to survive on one meal a day.

All Vivian and Valarie hope for now is to get sponsorship that can help them have food, clothing and go to school.

Kindly help Vivian and Valarie get basic needs by partnering with



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