Sharon, a five year old young girl from Kayole slum licks her plate again and again in disbelief on how fast she has consumed her food.

From the look of things, her bean stew and rice meal was delicious but the fact is that she is not filled up or satisfied, there is need for more.

According to her, such a weekend is a day she patiently waits for like a golden opportunity.

On this day, she goes at a centre with other children where they are offered spiritual training, drawing & colouring lessons, games and finally a meal is prepared for them.

A research done on Sharon and her friends showed that their concentration in class was high after meals than when they had not eaten which indicates that lack of proper meals affect children’s concentration in school.

She resides in the slum with her single mother and seven other siblings. This number of children in her household puts her through a struggle of getting food.

Her mum works as a casual labourer in the neighbouring estate and cannot afford meals all the time for her family.

Sometimes, Sharon has to go to bed on empty stomach, if luck strikes the following day then she finds herself having either one meal or two in a day.

On some instances, she carries an extra polythene bag meant to carry home part of her meal to her siblings who have had none.

Like Sharon, there are many other children whose stories are so touching and can make one shed tears. Children missing meals in the name of “survival” simply subjects them to the risk of malnutrition and other related diseases and also causes poor performance in school.

This is the reason why Home of Hope feeding program was initiated and designed to support poor slum children access provision of adequate food.

Having proven to be a safety net that curbs malnutrition, feeding program can benefit more of this poor slum children if a constant flow of provision is enabled for them. Instead of a one meal per week, Home of Hope is working towards enabling a possibility of at least a one meal provision per day.

You can partner with Home of Hope through to help feed a child.

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