Orphaned at a tender age, the least of her expectations was to get pregnant at seventeen. Her pregnancy is eight months old now but the kind of disbelief and confusion in her eyes is alarming, she is always in flood of tears.

After her parents demise, Esther was separated from her three siblings and taken to a relative’s home where she was enrolled in school.

A year later when her guardian was away, a man in his mid-forties who had been hunting her down forcefully took her innocence, got her pregnant and threatened to kill her if she dared open her mouth. She later learnt that the criminal had disappeared without a trace.

The fear of narrating the truth engulfed her and with her naivety, she uttered no word until her bumping tummy began to show.

Her effort to convince her guardian fell on deaf ears.  He did not believe a word she said. Instead, he deliberately accused her of having an affair with the man in question.  Things irretrievably broke between the two and that became the end of her stay with her relative.

She now lives with a Good Samaritan who God knows how long she is able to host her. The painful reality is that the said Samaritan is incapacitated financially and cannot bear the huge burden and costs of this young girl and her unborn child.

Esther’s greatest fear is that her host might put the placard down and rethink the approach to this matter; despair and abandon her. The demands and pressures of parenthood are now sending a chill down her spine.

Can you help get Esther back on her feet? A support of $81 per month (for food, multivitamin, temporal shelter and pre-natal care) will get Esther out of this frustration and bring back sanity to her life. You can partner with, to help.














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