You may have noticed that our Home of hope pages, shares special project needs. We realize that not EVERY person will give to EVERY need. But here’s the beautiful thing…

imageDifferent projects speak to different people. Like you may wonder when we share about teen moms aborting or abandoning their babies. We can imagine you as a person who contributes to support a teenage mom and wait to hear the success story that because of one you, a teen mom and her unborn baby was rescued.

The emotions experience, as we all watch the teen mom smile holding her baby who would have been thrown into the garbage pit .The satisfaction in knowing that a life was saved through you and by you.

The pregnant teen moms program may just be someone’s ONE.

We believe that one person, and ONE family can have an impact in the life of ONE Teen Mom, ONE baby, ONE project.

We are excited to share that $81.8 USD per month can cover a moms medical need, multivitamins, delivery cost, food and provide a rescue place to stay. Currently 33 are desperately in need of our help. If RESCUING TEEN MOMS happen to be your ONE, check out this post and join in today, perhaps you’ll also share it with someone else. Click www.homeofhope.ca for more info or call our Nairobi office @ 0726812448, 0725213288

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