This is Irene’s story, a reformed sexual worker.

“A flashback on my usual engagement as a sexual worker to make money for food pains me like a sharp sword in my heart, all I feel is guilt and shame.

Pregnant at 15 and in school, all I wished was to disappear in the thin air and never come back. Being the only hope to my single and jobless mother, there was no way I could break the news of my pregnancy considering the fact that my other five siblings were depending on her.

Kariobangi slum is where I was born, a place of nightmare I would call it. Every member of my family went separate ways to survive. After school evening hours, I would not hesitate to give in to my target male clients as long as they gave me money. That is how I fell prey to one of them and got pregnant without even knowing it.

Devastated, afraid and confused, I decided to keep it a secret. There was this one frequent sexual partner that I suspected could have been responsible for the pregnancy but when I approached him, he became wild and threatened to kill me if I dared come close to him again.

I shared my fate with my girlfriend whom I trusted only to discover a few days later that my trustee had already flown the news to my mother who was already seething with anger. After school that day, I ran away from home and went to stay at a friend’s home as I contemplated on my next move.

When the pregnancy was a few weeks old, I was extremely worried that my hosts would notice because the nausea was so extreme and unbearable so I decided to seek help from my friends on how to get rid of the pregnancy.

All the methods my teen friends suggested never worked, I despaired. Two days later, I found out that one of my close schoolmates had died in the latrine while trying to abort.

This broke me down, I grieved in pain, confusion and remorse not knowing whether to go ahead with my plan or change my mind. Getting rid of the baby was my plan but dying in the process was not part of what I expected.

Back at home one of my mother’s close friends became concerned of my disappearance and after her follow up on the reason of my disappearance, decided to hunt me down and introduce me to Home and Hope.

A team of counselors took me into a series of counseling sessions and at the end of it all I decided to keep her pregnancy and the baby after delivery.  My mother too accepted me back and promised to give her full support.

Home of Hope Crisis Intervention Team made sure that they did a follow up on my progress until I put to bed and gave birth to a bouncing baby boy.

I could not hold back tears of joy the day I held my son in my arms, it was exciting and relieving. Home of Hope has been my pillar all this while, they made me feel loved and accepted in the midst of rejection, they saved my life from the evil act of abortion.

With a healthy charming six months old baby in my arms, my next plan is to go back to school soon.

Home of Hope has not just helped me escape the jaws of death for my son and I but also opened my eyes towards a greater vision of starting a future foundation that can help teens with plight like mine”.

Home of Hope is still on a mission to help teen moms who are in crisis and on the verge of giving up in life get restored and move on. You can be part of this by supporting the program.

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