The thought of starting a business was not an easy one for Jane a mother of three boys living in Korogocho slums. She had heard stories of people with booming businesses and what crossed her mind were the huge amount of capital and the heavy budget she had to incur before getting started.

imageInitially, collecting plastic bags from the huge Nairobi dumping site and selling them was part and parcel of her daily chores. Jane attests that this was quite a nightmare considering the fact that the dumpsite was filled with toxic substances which are such a health risk.

She later got involved in washing clothes for her neighbours to supplement her earnings, still this did not help much. In fact it was so tiring. Somehow she had to think of an alternative way of making ends meet.

When she heard of the Small Business Development Program at the Home of Hope Kenya, she knew that this was an open opportunity she could not afford to miss.

imageJane enrolled at Daryl Shenner School of Business for a period of six months where she was trained on business skills. At the end of the training, she now had an idea of the kind of business to set up. She drew a business plan and after approval of her micro-loan, Jane decided to start a potato chips making business.

imageThe first target customers were her neighbours and little by little a good number of customers started flocking in her tiny stall daily to buy.

After a period of four months, her hard work started paying off. She had made enough savings that paved a way to another idea of setting up a retail shop.

Her happiness is that apart from the new customers, she has maintained her old customers too and her shop is doing quite well.

Her son who is clearing high school this year confirms that her mother has been prompt in paying his school fees and he has rarely missed classes because of lack of fees.

Jane can now educate her children, pay her rent and still save for the future endeavors.

Home of Hope is helping women on how to become self sustaining in the society. Partnering in this program can make a great difference in a woman’s life. You can visit www.homeofhope.ca to empower women like Jane achieve their dreams.

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