The horrifying picture of Jadon’s abandonment years back is still an emotional heartbreaking scenario.

imageLike a broken piece of unwanted jewelry, he sat in a lonely house amidst sobs, his eyes rotating in all corners of the room, his ears listening keenly to every footstep hoping that his mother would come back.

The most painful reality was for him to endure harsh days of loneliness without food, water and supply of milk, worse of all a mothers love.

His ribs could be seen protruding from the sallow skin on his chest, a clear indication that he was in dire need of food.

The biting strike of hunger had made him resort to chewing the skin of his fingers leaving them discoloured, bloody and smelly.

At the time of his rescue, Jadon was a weak malnourished baby waiting for either a miracle of salvation or succumb to his fate.

His physical exhaustion was so intense and worrying that anyone looking at him could break down in tears.

Jadon’s neighbours had no knowledge of the turn of events in this lonely house until he caught their attention with a sharp craving cry. They responded instantly by getting into the house to rescue him.

After failure to trace his mother’s whereabouts, they then decided to contact Home of Hope who took him to Hospital where he was put on a protein diet and later took legal custody of him.

Like an eagle, Jadon has flown above limitations, taking one stepimage at a time with bravery to beat any fear that would hold him back.

Courtesy of his sponsors, he has grown into a happy, healthy and strong boy.

His transformed life is a true testimony to the great mission Home of Hope is undertaking to rescue lives of abandoned children.

You can help children like Jadon get out of abuse by partnering with Home of Hope through http://www.homeofhope.ca.


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