John’s smile creates an impression of a happy and contented  boy but behind this beaming smile lays a sad story.

He doesn’t have any knowledge or understanding of death. His father passed on last year and now his mother’s death strikes when he is only seven years old and his elder brother nine.

All he can see are people come in and out of her grandmother’s house in turns.  Bereaved at a tender age, he is left under the care of his aging grandmother who is already taking care of other ten orphaned grandchildren.

John’s plight is alarming. Having lost her mother, the sole breadwinner of his family he needs support to get back on his feet. You can partner with us to help John attain his dreams and aspirations. Contact Home of Hope office (403) 343-6570 ext.6
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You may have noticed that our Home of hope pages, shares special project needs. We realize that not EVERY person will give to EVERY need. But here’s the beautiful thing…

imageDifferent projects speak to different people. Like you may wonder when we share about teen moms aborting or abandoning their babies. We can imagine you as a person who contributes to support a teenage mom and wait to hear the success story that because of one you, a teen mom and her unborn baby was rescued.

The emotions experience, as we all watch the teen mom smile holding her baby who would have been thrown into the garbage pit .The satisfaction in knowing that a life was saved through you and by you.

The pregnant teen moms program may just be someone’s ONE.

We believe that one person, and ONE family can have an impact in the life of ONE Teen Mom, ONE baby, ONE project.

We are excited to share that $81.8 USD per month can cover a moms medical need, multivitamins, delivery cost, food and provide a rescue place to stay. Currently 33 are desperately in need of our help. If RESCUING TEEN MOMS happen to be your ONE, check out this post and join in today, perhaps you’ll also share it with someone else. Click for more info or call our Nairobi office @ 0726812448, 0725213288



Peter’s warm welcome in their house is a sign of contentment of being a proud member of this great and lovely family.

Together with two other children; Jim and Yvonne, they all look happy, healthy and bright.

Peter, being the eldest, takes the lead by being his siblings’ keeper ensuring that they do what is right like getting home from school on time. Before the three got into this family below is a brief background;

Peter’s father died when he was barely three years old. Her mother who was insane then could not take good care of him and so his ailing grandmother stepped in to take the responsibility. She would go begging to feed him and when she heard of Home of Hope, she agreed to give up her grandson for adoption.

Jim too was living with his grandmother who used to sell plastic bags from the dumpsite to feed him, at one time she thought of abandoning him until one of the Home of Hope guards told her about HOH. She decided to release Jim to HOH’s custody.

Yvonne’s mother died of cancer. Since her father had abandoned the family, her lame grandmother took her in. She would also beg for food and this was too straining and not enough to feed her grandchild. Once she heard of Home of Hope, she quickly surrendered Yvonne’s custody to HOH because she trusted that her granddaughter would be safe there.

This is how the trio ended up in Home of Hope. When they reached the age of about four, they were put in a family unit under the care of Rachael, one down to earth caregiver whose identity as a mother has drawn the children’s love towards her.

Rachael was recruited by Home of Hope as a caregiver four years ago. She has been working in this position for years and knows each and everything entailed in it.

Strong features of motherhood depicted in her through her extensive effort of good parental care, love and discipline drove the HOH fraternity to have faith and confidence in her being able to take care of children in a Family Unit.

Rachael has taken up the motherly role with support and significant trend that has enabled the children grow for example she allows the three to mingle and play with other children in the neighbourhood and surrounding which enhances their learning and socializing.

In addition, they have developed a sense of stability and consistency that has enabled them perform even better in school and engages in community and extracurricular activities. Rachael confirms that Peter loves playing a lot especially during the weekends. However, his performance in school is exemplary, he is very bright. Yvonne and Jim are active too and also doing well in school.

Great moments like eating dinner together, going to church together on a regular basis has strengthened their relationship making it easier for them to understand each other.  It also makes them bond well as a family over goals and experiences.  This has created a lifetime relationship between the kids and her.

Rachael also confirms that it is easier to know the weaknesses and strength of each child in this setting since they are few and easy to manage than when they are many.

When it comes to meeting each child’s material need, it is easier for Rachael as the smaller number of children makes her familiar with each and everyone of them.

The children attribute that having a mother like her cites a significant defining moment that has created a mutual relationship between them.

Rachael sites that Family Unit if well managed can bring success to a child’s life.

When conflict arises, of course on a few instances, they can easily approach and address their issues to their caregiver and receive attention more easily.

The family moved into a new setting a few weeks ago. This has enabled them get a spacious house and also break the monotony of staying in one place for along period of time.

Family unit above creates a sense of belonging and stability in the children. HOH puts them under this unit and recruits a mother to take care of them. If supported they can be put into foster homes that will enable them have a family.

To support such a family, partner with



This is Irene’s story, a reformed sexual worker.

“A flashback on my usual engagement as a sexual worker to make money for food pains me like a sharp sword in my heart, all I feel is guilt and shame.

Pregnant at 15 and in school, all I wished was to disappear in the thin air and never come back. Being the only hope to my single and jobless mother, there was no way I could break the news of my pregnancy considering the fact that my other five siblings were depending on her.

Kariobangi slum is where I was born, a place of nightmare I would call it. Every member of my family went separate ways to survive. After school evening hours, I would not hesitate to give in to my target male clients as long as they gave me money. That is how I fell prey to one of them and got pregnant without even knowing it.

Devastated, afraid and confused, I decided to keep it a secret. There was this one frequent sexual partner that I suspected could have been responsible for the pregnancy but when I approached him, he became wild and threatened to kill me if I dared come close to him again.

I shared my fate with my girlfriend whom I trusted only to discover a few days later that my trustee had already flown the news to my mother who was already seething with anger. After school that day, I ran away from home and went to stay at a friend’s home as I contemplated on my next move.

When the pregnancy was a few weeks old, I was extremely worried that my hosts would notice because the nausea was so extreme and unbearable so I decided to seek help from my friends on how to get rid of the pregnancy.

All the methods my teen friends suggested never worked, I despaired. Two days later, I found out that one of my close schoolmates had died in the latrine while trying to abort.

This broke me down, I grieved in pain, confusion and remorse not knowing whether to go ahead with my plan or change my mind. Getting rid of the baby was my plan but dying in the process was not part of what I expected.

Back at home one of my mother’s close friends became concerned of my disappearance and after her follow up on the reason of my disappearance, decided to hunt me down and introduce me to Home and Hope.

A team of counselors took me into a series of counseling sessions and at the end of it all I decided to keep her pregnancy and the baby after delivery.  My mother too accepted me back and promised to give her full support.

Home of Hope Crisis Intervention Team made sure that they did a follow up on my progress until I put to bed and gave birth to a bouncing baby boy.

I could not hold back tears of joy the day I held my son in my arms, it was exciting and relieving. Home of Hope has been my pillar all this while, they made me feel loved and accepted in the midst of rejection, they saved my life from the evil act of abortion.

With a healthy charming six months old baby in my arms, my next plan is to go back to school soon.

Home of Hope has not just helped me escape the jaws of death for my son and I but also opened my eyes towards a greater vision of starting a future foundation that can help teens with plight like mine”.

Home of Hope is still on a mission to help teen moms who are in crisis and on the verge of giving up in life get restored and move on. You can be part of this by supporting the program.


The horrifying picture of Jadon’s abandonment years back is still an emotional heartbreaking scenario.

imageLike a broken piece of unwanted jewelry, he sat in a lonely house amidst sobs, his eyes rotating in all corners of the room, his ears listening keenly to every footstep hoping that his mother would come back.

The most painful reality was for him to endure harsh days of loneliness without food, water and supply of milk, worse of all a mothers love.

His ribs could be seen protruding from the sallow skin on his chest, a clear indication that he was in dire need of food.

The biting strike of hunger had made him resort to chewing the skin of his fingers leaving them discoloured, bloody and smelly.

At the time of his rescue, Jadon was a weak malnourished baby waiting for either a miracle of salvation or succumb to his fate.

His physical exhaustion was so intense and worrying that anyone looking at him could break down in tears.

Jadon’s neighbours had no knowledge of the turn of events in this lonely house until he caught their attention with a sharp craving cry. They responded instantly by getting into the house to rescue him.

After failure to trace his mother’s whereabouts, they then decided to contact Home of Hope who took him to Hospital where he was put on a protein diet and later took legal custody of him.

Like an eagle, Jadon has flown above limitations, taking one stepimage at a time with bravery to beat any fear that would hold him back.

Courtesy of his sponsors, he has grown into a happy, healthy and strong boy.

His transformed life is a true testimony to the great mission Home of Hope is undertaking to rescue lives of abandoned children.

You can help children like Jadon get out of abuse by partnering with Home of Hope through



The thought of starting a business was not an easy one for Jane a mother of three boys living in Korogocho slums. She had heard stories of people with booming businesses and what crossed her mind were the huge amount of capital and the heavy budget she had to incur before getting started.

imageInitially, collecting plastic bags from the huge Nairobi dumping site and selling them was part and parcel of her daily chores. Jane attests that this was quite a nightmare considering the fact that the dumpsite was filled with toxic substances which are such a health risk.

She later got involved in washing clothes for her neighbours to supplement her earnings, still this did not help much. In fact it was so tiring. Somehow she had to think of an alternative way of making ends meet.

When she heard of the Small Business Development Program at the Home of Hope Kenya, she knew that this was an open opportunity she could not afford to miss.

imageJane enrolled at Daryl Shenner School of Business for a period of six months where she was trained on business skills. At the end of the training, she now had an idea of the kind of business to set up. She drew a business plan and after approval of her micro-loan, Jane decided to start a potato chips making business.

imageThe first target customers were her neighbours and little by little a good number of customers started flocking in her tiny stall daily to buy.

After a period of four months, her hard work started paying off. She had made enough savings that paved a way to another idea of setting up a retail shop.

Her happiness is that apart from the new customers, she has maintained her old customers too and her shop is doing quite well.

Her son who is clearing high school this year confirms that her mother has been prompt in paying his school fees and he has rarely missed classes because of lack of fees.

Jane can now educate her children, pay her rent and still save for the future endeavors.

Home of Hope is helping women on how to become self sustaining in the society. Partnering in this program can make a great difference in a woman’s life. You can visit to empower women like Jane achieve their dreams.