I became pregnant at 19 while staying with a close relative. After her discovery of my pregnancy she abandoned me. I was engulfed by fear and did not know what to do next, my ultimate plan was to abort.

HOME OF HOPE came to my rescue, they took me through trauma counseling sessions and psycho social support program until I was due. I later gave birth to TWINS, a boy and a girl; Niara and Jeremiah both named by my sponsors Hillary Werle and Condace Hochstein respectively.

Here I am 23 years, starting all over again. I am grateful for the love given to me and my kids. My kids are in day care now through the support I receive, I have finalized my business training program and ready to start a small business through the micro-loan program where teen moms like me are empowered to be financially self supportive. I am full of joy and happiness from the loving families I have found through HOME OF HOPE KENYA…”

Like Jackline’s empowered life, how can you be part and touch a teen mom and that of her baby? Our next plan is to empower 31 teen moms on our micro-loan waiting list to start individual or cooperate business @ $345 USD per person.

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