Sarah Bititi is one child who according to the cultural practices and beliefs of some communities in Kenya would be regarded an outcast.

The three year old girl is an enchanting beautiful ray of sunshine full of expectations.

This is made possible by a great heart of good gesture, love, passion and compassion of Home of Hope’s sponsors which enables her to be well catered for.

She is one of the many lucky children living at Home of Hope Dream Centre Nairobi rescued under a horrible circumstance.

Conceived out of a violent gang rape, Sarah’s mother was devastated and traumatized, her dignity and confidence were stripped off leaving her shaken.

Her family and community around regarded her pregnancy as a bad omen and so could not allow a child born out of rape to live with them.

So confused, lonely and helpless she attempted abortion. One day as she walked in the slum area she spotted a Home of Hope sign post, Don’t throw away your baby, we can help”.

She immediately made a call thinking that this would help to procure an abortion.

A team of counselors at the centre took her through counseling, little by little she began a healing process and decided to keep the pregnancy. The trauma of the violent rape crushed her mentality so much that she planned not to nurture the baby.

Home of Hope agreed to take custody and care of Sarah. This is how Sarah was rescued from the harsh hand of abortion into a Home full of love and care and it has never been the same for her.

All thank you sponsors for making her what she is today.

Home of Hope Dream Centre is rescuing many children like Sarah. Would you like to partner? You can do this through www.homeofhope.ca


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