Home of Hope – Kenya (HOH) is an offshoot of the Word of Life Church Mission in Kenya, whose head quarters are currently situated within Donholm Estate, Nairobi County. HOH was founded to foster charity work geared towards responding to socio-economic challenges faced by the community within and around the churchThe idea of setting up a baby rescue home was championed by Pastor Daniel Bushebi and his wife after being touched with a heart-rending Television (TV) broadcast on abortions and baby dumping situation in Dandora and nearby informal settlementsthat was aired in Kenya around 2010. HOH was registered in 2012 as a local non-governmental organization (NGO) with international connections. The organizationhas a great dream to rescue, restore and release rescued babies as champions into the world. After obtaining approval of the local government administrators to put up a signpost dubbed “Don’t throw away your Babies, We can help!” in 2012, the initiative helped rescue over 200 babies as at August 2014.

Here is a centre under construction that would be used to rescue and care for up to 100 rescued babies at a time.