family unit

These adorable Home of Hope Dream Centre rescued little kids are bonding with their foster care parents, Sam and Beatrice. This is our second family unit that moved in together after getting every little item needed for the new rental apartment, now living together as a big happy family. Would you help in support of USD$420 every month for their rent to keep this family together?. Your support will aid us in furthering our goals of putting every rescued child into a loving caring family.

For any questions or further clarification please contact:
Kenya email address:
Dan 0725241668
Diana 0724884656
George 0725213288

Support Needed for HOH Staff


Cecilia is a caregiver who helps in reaching out to sponsored children in Korogocho slums by getting all sponsorship updates and ensuring that the sponsorship support reaches out to the child as per Home Of Hope requirement. She follows up 104 children from Korogocho slum. For her to keep helping with our 104 orphans and desperate children would you consider supporting her with USD$187? Log on to to help.

Dream Centre Security Staff Need Support


Maureen is one of the trustworthy individual with the highest standards of honesty and integrity. Her self-defense training has allowed her to keep herself and every person under the Dream Centre building safe. Maureen has an extremely strong sense of dedication and she is one of the most reliable person pertaining to security at the Dream Centre.

Would you consider sponsoring Maureen with USD$187 to keep Dream Centre safe and secure? Log on to to support Maureen.



We all know how security can sometime be a challenge when it comes to safety and reliability. We believe having security officer on site helps eliminate issues  pertaining to criminal activities. Boniface is one of the security guards who provides security every time we are on a baby rescue mission in crime infested slums.

He also provides security for Teams from outside Kenya on HOH discovery tour which includes visiting some of the areas babies are rescued. He brings out the professional attitude which make him the best. Would you mind sponsoring Boniface? He needs $187 USD to keep providing security for all of our teams. Log on to and support Boniface.



Rose has proven herself to be an out-of-the-box thinker when cooking and preparing food items of different types. She spends tremendous time and energy in cooking and ensuring the rescued children in Home Of Hope eat healthy balanced diet each and everyday. She has the most imaginative and tasty improvisational cooking style, We all love her cooking, her finger liking dishes. She is running the kitchen exceptionally well with no problem whatsoever.

Would you help in supporting Rose with  $185 USD monthly. Log on to to support Rose.

Support Our Staff – Linet


Linnet is a dedicated and hardworking caregiver at the Dream Centre, a Rescue and Care Centre for abandoned babies. She takes wonderful care of our children which makes them very happy and they love her. Apart from caring for the children she also takes care of the laundry and house hold maintenance which she ensures that our home is always neat and clean. Linnet possesses an understanding of personal care and how to help kids with everything they need throughout the day. She is known as the go-to person for the young ones when they are fussy and need soothing she clearly has a gift of working with kids. Would you sponsor Linnet with $185 USD  for her monthly support. Log on to to support Linet


IMG-20171123-WA0002[1]3 years now and these wonderful rescued children have been growing closely together and became best of friends under their foster care mother Rachael and her husband Ben. We rescued them from the toxic of places and gave new meaning to life (look at them now). Home of Hope’s main mission is to rescue, raise and place them into caring and loving families.

Would you help in support USD$400 every month for their rent to keep this family together?. Log on to support the family.